Download Blackmart Alpha 0.49.93.apk Free

Download Blackmart Alpha 0.49.93.apk Free


 Blackmart is an Android Market application which enables you to download paid apps for free. Yes, the apps that you want from the Playstore are sometimes with a price and therefore you can't get them to your device. But because of Blackmart, it has now become possible to get those apps for free.

Blackmart does not store your phone's model or your synchronization account.  It's an open source therefore. Today, I will tell you how it works.

When someone installs Blackmart on his phone, he is welcomed with a message asking to update and upload the apps installed on his phone. When you upload the apps,  it's .apk files are sent and saved on their servers so that other people can install the  new apps on their phones. In such cases, if a person had bought an app from the Playstore and had then uploaded it to the Blackmart's server,  the paid app gets listed on there application server.