Download Fading Shadows (Europe) PSP ISO Free [psp][ppsspp]

Download Fading Shadows (Europe) PSP ISO Free [psp][ppsspp]

Download Fading Shadows (Europe) PSP ISO Free [psp][ppsspp] From Here!!!!!

DESCRIPTION OF  Fading Shadows (Europe) PSP :

In Fading Shadows, evil is never very far away. Aira and her brother, Erywn, were living peacefully on the joyful side of the world when the villainous Master Gardal captured Erwyn. Gardal plans on overthrowing the famed Castle of Heaven – which is the supreme fortress built to protect the world from forces of darkness. According to an ancient prophecy, in order for Gardal to breach the castle gates, a sacrifice of a pure and untainted soul, Erwyn’s, must be made. While sitting in the dungeon and awaiting his execution, Aira seals her brother’s soul inside a single teardrop and transforms the teardrop into a protective orb. Now, to save her brother, she must safely guide the orb back to the Castle of Heaven using a magical beam of light.

Fading Shadows is an entirely unique style of puzzle game designed especially for PSP gaming. It places you in a mysterious fantasy world packed with interesting obstacles and mystifying level layouts. Make your way through challenging puzzles and test your skills as you must outthink and outmaneuver the riddles. In Fading Shadows, you take control of a beam of light to guide a crystal tear through a magical world of adventure and intrigue. Overcome the obstacles, change your crystal form to wood to conquer water, and shift to metal where hardness is needed.

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SUMMARY OF  Fading Shadows (Europe) PSP :

PSP Game: Fading_Shadows_EUR_PSP-pSyPSP
Publisher: Ivolgamus
Genre: Puzzle
Release Date: 2008-03-09
Media Format: UMD
Disc ID: ULES-00858
Unpacked Size: 288 MB
Image Format: .ISO
Languages: English – Russian – French – Spanish – German – Italian – Dutch
Download Fading Shadows (Europe) PSP ISO