Download Burnout Dominator (USA) PSP ISO Free

Download Burnout Dominator (USA) PSP ISO Free 

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DESCRIPTION OF Burnout Dominator (USA) PSP ISO :

Burnout Dominator is a racing game developed and published by Electronic Arts for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable. Burnout Dominator is the second spin-off game in the Burnout series and sixth overall. It retains the core gameplay of the series, as players race at top speeds through dozens of World Tour events testing "reckless skill-based" driving techniques.

GAMEPLAY OF Burnout Dominator (USA) PSP ISO :

The main focus in Burnout Dominator is the return of "Burnouts". Burnouts are the result of draining a complete boost meter without stopping. Driving dangerously while using supercharge boost will light up the arrows on the boost meter, and when they are all lit, one can obtain a Burnout once the current supercharge boost has drained. Features removed from the previous game, Burnout Revenge, include Traffic Checking (the ability to ram into smaller vehicles heading in the same direction as the player's vehicle), Traffic Attack Mode, Crash Mode (a puzzle-orientated mode, in which one's vehicle is driven into an intersection full of traffic with the aim to cause the largest amount of damage possible), and online multiplayer support.

The events and new challenges in the World Tour include:

  • Race (standard racing for the finish line)
  • Road Rage (timed event where the goal is to takedown as many opponent drivers as possible)
  • Eliminator (similar to race, but the driver in last place every 30 seconds is eliminated from the race)
  • Burning Lap (single lap time trial)
  • Maniac Mode (This mode involves players driving as dangerously as they can to earn the highest scores possible by earning drifts, air, oncoming and near misses)
  • Grand Prix (An event with three races on different tracks, the racer with the most points at the end of the Grand Prix wins)
  • Drift Challenge (a challenge mode where the aim is to obtain as many feet as possible by drifting)
  • Near Miss Challenge (same as Drift Challenge, but focusing on narrowly missing traffic to earn scores)
  • Burnout Challenge (same as Drift Challenge, but focusing on obtaining Burnouts).

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SUMMARY OF Burnout Dominator (USA) PSP ISO :

PSP Game: Burnout_Dominator_USA_PSP-pSyPSP
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Racing
Release Date: 2007-03-07
Media Format: UMD
Disc ID: ULUS-10236
Unpacked Size: 659 MB
Image Format: .ISO
Scene Group: pSyPSP
Languages: English

Download Burnout Dominator (USA) PSP ISO Free