Download Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days PSP ISO Free

Download Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days PSP ISO Free From Here!!!!! In a small village called Holt, a young human man named Adell lives his demon parents and siblings. They have been turned into demons because of a curse casted by an Overlord named Zenon over the Netherworld. Adell is the only one who has remained a human. In the opening scene, Adell's mother performs a summoning ritual in hopes to summon Overlord Zenon so they can kill him and break the curse, but instead summons Rozalin. Rozalin introduces herself as the princess and daughter of Overlord Zenon and shows the royal seal of Zenon. Because of the seemingly failed ritual, Adell plans to find Overlord Zenon himself in a quest with the help from Rozalin and other characters throughout the game.


New Shops

New Attacks

  • New Skills for the various weapon styles.
  • New "Peta Level" spells.
  • New Team Attacks.
  • Magichange and Magichange 2.

New Mode

Axel Mode: Play as Axel in an all new mode that shows what happened to him before the events of "Cursed Memories".
New Songs made for Axel Mode including the song "Let's Dance At The Last Battle".
At the title screen, highlight the "New Game" option, then press Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle Square, Circle, X. If you entered the code correctly, Axel will say "Showtime!". which will activate Axel Mode.
You can also start Axel Mode with New Game+ and choosing Axel's Story during the save after seeing an ending. (Editor's Note: Not sure if you need to complete the main storyline for this or not).
You also keep all your created characters and items, but you do not have access to the DLC characters or any Adell Mode storyline characters. The reverse is also true when going back to Adell Mode (no Axel storyline characters) unless the player is in the Land of Carnage and just before the final battle.