CyanogenMod and its various features

Cyanogen mod
Have you heard about cyanogen mod??I know,many of you have heard about it ,but are still not sure about it.So this post is for you.......
Cyanogen Mod is a custom ROM for the Android devices.It offers a 'better' version than Google can provide, with more features and more control for the hardcore user.
It is a free and open source aftermarket firmware for android based smartphones.
 CyanogenMod is built over Android. CyanogenMod is only a different version of Google’s smartphone operating system.


1.One main  feature is its lightweight code which accounts for the stable and fast operating system.

2. It comes with numerous built-in features which are not found in Google’s version of Android.

3. Also absent are the unnecessary bloatware you are stuck with in stock versions.

4. Also it is the base for many other custom ROMs such as CarbonRom, PAC ROM, etc.

5. It comes with built-in root access for getting super-user privileges in the system. This also means that you can remove any system app if you find it of zero use.

6. It also comes with various customization which helps you to better manage and use your mobile device (more on that below).

7.CyanogenMod also comes with great privacy features such as Privacy Guard, Global Blacklist and CM Account.


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YU Yureka - Budget cyanogenmod supported phone


Hello everyone.......this post is regarding my first impression about the micromax yu yureka phone.The exclusive seller of Yureka,Amazon India, is selling the smartphone through flash sales.One great thing is that  yureka runs on the most critically acclaimed Android ROM, CyanogenMod(ALSO SEE:CyanogenMod and its various features) .The YU mobile phone is designed for people who seek a high-end device at a wallet-friendly price.But is it really worth buying? Let's have a look.........



Display is quite good for the price,but personally i was little upset with the color production.Yureka features a 5.5-inch IPS display with HD (720x1280p) resolution.In terms of build quality and design, the phone is good,however the device is not revolutionary,but is pretty light in the back side,there is matte finish.Moreover the display has Gorilla Glass 3 to protect against scratches.It also has an  oleophobic coating to prevent smudging. My friends were amazed to see the build quality who have different versions ranging from Moto G, Asus Zenfone etc etc........


 It has a 13MP rare camera  and 5 MP front camera ,but the details in the pictures taken from rare camera are not that great but decent enough under this price tag.Front camera is quite impressive.
 Yu comes with the CyanogenMod Camera app that offers granular settings for controls including size, quality, shutter speed, focus duration, focus mode, and ISO, among others. Vertical swipes change the scene mode while horizontal swipes lets you browse pictures and videos shot with the phone. The app offers Panorama, Burst and HDR modes.
NOTE:  Pictures captured in Low-light were not as good and had considerable amount of noise. Low light photography needs improvement certainly.Front camera is too good.

ALSO SEE: CyanogenMod and its various features


  The Yureka runs on Cyanogen OS 11 based on Android KitKat (v4.4).CyanogenMod, Cyanogen's Android ROM, is known for its customizability, enhanced performance and additional security and privacy features.


With 2 GB RAM (not sure if there are apps which can exploit the true potential of Octa Core), it doesn’t work, it simply flies. The interface is smooth with no lags whatsoever. You can work on multiple apps and you will not face any issues.


I have mixed feeling with the battery life.When I used the phone as a normal user ,the phone lasted very well.It got me through a day on a single charge.
With WiFi/3G connected all the time and mix usage of calls, whatsapp, social media and multimedia the phone manages to last one day without issues.I must say,nice battery life under this price range.


The speaker is just not loud enough.....


I played games like Real Racing 3, Leo's Fortune, Riptide GP2 and Asphalt 8 (with Visual Quality set to High and Engine at 100%) without without encountering frame drops or freezes. Slight heating noticed in prolonged gaming .( Might require yureka to release some updates to fix the issue )

Overall excellent phone made special by unbeatable price point , Go for Yureka instead of Mi Note 4G . beats all existing 10K to 15 K phones with its excellent features, specs and future proof model ........


Download Free Flux - CM11 Theme v3.1.1 APK

What you'll get with this theme?

  •     New Statusbar Notification Design
  •     New Transparent Power Widget
  •     New Modern Design for Pop Windows and Check Boxes
  •     New Clean Design for the Settings
  •     Small Apk Size

What's in this version : (Updated : Jul 25, 2014)

  •     Added New Silent and Vibration Statusbar Icons
  •     Improved Few QS Tiles
  •     Improved Softkeys Touch Effect
  •     Themed More Icons In Settings
  •     Reduced Apk Size from 24mb to 5mb (without anything removed or any quality loss)
  •     Misc UI Improvements

Required Android O/S : 4.0+