Download Secret Video Recorder Pro v3.1.7 APK Free For Android

Secret Video Recorder Pro without ads and full features!
Secret Video Recorder does background recording, NO preview, so you can use your phone as normal and NO ONE can tell you are recording video.
Just one touch for instant recording, schedule recording, SMS recording, or auto recording. HD video. Continue recording when screen off. Many useful features.
Secret Video Recorder is a spy camera for professional video recording and is the best app available in the Android market for spy camera.

★ Auto sync video with google drive to help you find your phone when you lost.
★ Protect videos by pattern lockscreen.
★ Show/Hide video from Gallery.
★ Unlimited number video recording.
★ Unlimited video duration.
★ No camera shutter sound.
★ No preview.
★ Clean material design.
★ One touch to start/stop recording.
★ Support video orientation
★ Can record during phone call.
★ Turn screen off and continue recording in background mode.
★ Schedule to record video at specific time.
★ Supports front and back camera.
★ Full HD video (1920x1080) recording.
★ Easy to config duration, camera, and video quality.
★ Enable/disable notification, screen message when start/stop recording.
★ Check free storage before recording.
★ Easy to open folder containing recorded videos.

This app has been tested successfully on these devices:
Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S6
Xperia Z1, Xperia Z2, Xperia Z3
❀ LG LTE, LG2, LG3
Google Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7
 Secret Video Recorder Pro v3.1.7 APK

FINAL FANTASY IX for Android v1.0.2 [Mod] apk free

 FINAL FANTASY IX for Android v1.0.2 [Mod] apk free

Selling over five million copies since its release in 2000, FINAL FANTASY IX proudly returns on Android!
Now you can relive the adventures of Zidane and his crew in the palm of your hands!

Enjoy this classic FINAL FANTASY experience with no additional fees or purchases.

Zidane and the Tantalus Theater Troupe have kidnapped Princess Garnet, the heir of Alexandria.
To their surprise, however, the princess herself yearned to escape the castle.
Through a series of unusual circumstances, she and her personal guard, Steiner, fall in with Zidane and set out on an incredible journey.
Meeting unforgettable characters like Vivi and Quina along the way, they learn about themselves, the secrets of the Crystal, and a malevolent force that threatens to destroy their world.

■Gameplay Features
Learn new abilities by equipping items.
When fully mastered, these abilities can be used even without equipping items, allowing for nearly endless customization options.

Fill your Trance gauge as you sustain hits in battle.
When fully charged, your characters will enter Trance mode, granting them powerful new skills!

Never let items go to waste. Combine two items or pieces of equipment together and make better, stronger items!

Whether it's Chocobo Hot and Cold, Jump Rope, or Tetra Master, there are plenty of minigames to enjoy when you're not off saving the world.
You can even earn special item rewards!

■Additional Features
・7 game boosters including high speed and no encounter modes.
・High-definition movies and character models.

■Operating System

Android 4.1 or later

- As this application is very large, it will take some time to download.
- This application takes up around 4GB of memory. Over 8GB of free space is required to download it, so make sure that ample spare memory is available before attempting to do so.

    Install APK
    Download Obb and Copy 'com.ludosity.ittledew' folder to 'sdcard/Android/Obb/'
    Launch the game

Download Xenowerk v1.4.0 APK Free For Android
Download Xenowerk v1.4.0 APK Free For Android From Here!!!!!
Be the last hope against the mutant infestation. Enter the aftermath of a scientific experiment gone horribly wrong!
Xenowerk™ comes from Pixelbite, the creators of Space Marshals. It is a top-down action shooter challenging your combat skills in an underground science lab. Descend deeper into the abyss and explore the tarnished levels. Armed with a flashlight as your main guidance, you’ll never know what’s lurking in the dark!

Your objective is to destroy all the nests and eliminate all mutants to prevent them from spreading.
Xenowerk™ has 50 levels to explore with increasing difficulty. As progressing through the game you’ll come across a growing number of mutants and expanding areas to cleanse.

Heavier firepower and thicker armor is critical to stay alive on your journey. Gather pickups from slain mutants to power up weapons and armor.

Xenowerk™ features a set of special powers to boost your offensive when you’re in need. Activate one or several at a time for a more effective way to wipe out mutants.

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  • Top-down action shooter
  • Dual stick touch controls
  • Beautifully rendered lighting and shadows
  • Wide range of weapons and gear
  • Upgradable weapons
  • Special Powers to enhance your gameplay
  • Performance based rating system
  • Google Play Achievements & Leaderboards
  • Optional in-app credit packages to purchase
  • Game requires OpenGL ES 3.0 support

NOTE: Xenowerk features advanced graphics. To optimize game performance you may want to close down any other running applications before launching the game.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this game requires a screen resolution of at least 800x540 to display GUI elements correctly. It may be playable at lower resolutions but it is not officially supported.
Required Android O/S : 4.3+
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Xenowerk v1.4.0 APK+DATA

Free Download Blackmart Alpha ( Apk Version

 Download Blackmart Alpha absolutely free!!!!!!!
Take a look on the new version........


Blackmart Alpha is a great app for Android devices,which can be used to download premium Android apps for free.In blackmart all Apps are free to download which is  for trial purposes only you have to buy the game from playstore with its new version,with easy and fast surf and download speed,all bugs has been fixed in this version and giving you a new fastest experience of APP.
 It downloads full APKs of apps and thus you can download any kind of app right on your Android device without spending any money. Blackmart is one of the best stores to download Android apps and games for free.Blackmart Alpha Android App Apk has recently Updated his New Version for Android Devices.


  •     fastest speed and serve you best superfast server for downloading.
  •     Crashed issues and bugs has fixed totally.
  •     Advanced ICS UI,for better user interface.
  •     Bestest fonts and more updates.
Blackmart Alpha (

Attentive Legacy v3.14.07.070 APK Free Download


Thanks to the innovative power-saving modes your battery charge is used to a
WhatsApp, Facebook, Google+ or SMS, Knock²+ supports all apps.


Apps must be simple, but also individually adjustable. Knock²+ has exactly these two qualities. Due to the clearly arranged menu it is easy to adapt Knock²+ to your needs. No mindless falderal. And if you still miss a feature, we are here for you. Just send us a message!


We add constantly new innovative features to Knock²+. At the same time, we ensure that the clarity is maintained.

Knock²+ scores in the following ranges:

    Best Customer Support - Contact us with wishes, criticism or just some feedback!
    Modern design - Knock²+ just looks awesome!
    Well-arranged Settings - No more searching. Functional & simple, but yet individual!
    Great energy-saving functions – With innovative energy-saving measures, the battery will last longer!
    Many Updates - Knock²+ is frequently updated, improved and maintained!
    Support for all apps - All apps are supported!

Apps of third persons supported:

    XDA Developers


    Knock²+ does not work with lockscreens like GoLocker!
    Knock²+ is new and still in progress. We work hard to perfect it asap!
    Knock²+ works with apps like NotifyMe!
    If your phone is talking to you, uninstall in Settings/Apps/All Google Text-To-Speech,
    Samsung TTS.
    SG NOTE 2 user can activate Airview again after activating Knock²+.
    You need to set a lockscreen-security to make this app working. (Code, Pattern, FingerWish,..)

What's in this version :

    Update from Knock²+ to Attentive? Reinstall first, please!
    5 Bugfixes
    7 Improvements
    0 New functions

Required Android O/S : 4.0.3+

Download Free Voxis Launcher v0.13 APK


Voxis Launcher
From popular tech vlogger ColdfusTion (code by NQR Productions), this will give your homescreen the 'Voxis' look with just one installation.

  •     ColdfusTion style in just one installation!
  •     Recent Apps from the left bezel
  •     Quick access to Google Now. (Triple tap anywhere)
  •     Quick and smooth animations
  •     Live clock and date triggers
  •     Swipe in from the left bezel for running apps
  •     App draw in one list
  •     Hide your notifications tray
  •     Customisable menus for easy access to your most used apps
  •     Use any image you like for your icons!
  •     Dynamic resizing/dragging for widgets
  •     Stylish options menu
  •     12-24 hour time toggle

Watch the promo video to see for yourself just what a stunning launcher this is!

Note: Works great with Multi-Picture Live Wallpaper!

What's new in this version : (Updated : Jul 25, 2014)
  •     Soft speed optimization, especially on rotation
  •     Multiple bug fixes, softkey support, new settings options, additional tutorial and more!

Required Android O/S : 2.1+